Wednesday, January 16, 2013

evening glow (evening pollution)

We've not yet got anywhere near that part of the semester when we'll be discussing photography and the environment, but it did strike me that this evening's view from the top of Parking Structure D was a perfect example of toxic beauty: that sunset would have nothing like the amount of thick golden glow that one sees here if it wasn't for the layer of carbon monoxide haze that rises up over the city.

Quite near the beginning of today's class, when I was discussing the setting up of a Writing and Photography blog as one of the options, I found myself (and this was unpremeditated) extolling the virtues of blog writing as a means of developing one's own voice.  That's something that this blog has very much done for me over the past four and a bit years.  I'm not saying that I use the same voice elsewhere, but there has to be a certain blog-consistency in sitting down to write something every evening, with little, if any revision (no time for that!).  And so I guess I've hit on a kind of medium-specific tone, one that acknowledges that I really don't know who's out there reading this.  That is, I know a couple of regulars, obviously - but I wouldn't write an email in the same voice to each one of them.  So ultimately, the addressee here is disembodied, unidentifiable, composite, and at the same time imaginary.

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