Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new year's day

Our New Mexico house gets so hot in winter: the angle of the sun means that it comes straight into the south facing windows - indeed, since we installed it, we run the a/c much more often in winter than we do in summer.  This is ideal for basking cats (cf Lucy Fur on the back of the chair), and indeed for sitting around and not getting enough work done ... I am cursing the switch in time of the MLA to early January.  It used to collide with the Christmas/New Year gap in a tidy way, but now eats into the only swathe of the break in which one might feasibly hope to get any work done.  Which is why I'm now lounging not in a sunny living room, but in the Sheraton at Albuquerque airport.  I'm sure that once upon a time, the idea of a 7.10 a.m. flight seemed like a good one, but I'm incapable of reconstructing whatever the circumstances that led me to that decision might have been ...

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