Saturday, January 26, 2013

"I miss living with you"

Posted to an electricity pole down on Santa Monica, this is, of course, irredeemably sad.

But how to interpret it?  Is it a genuine cri de coeur?  Is this a former household that's now being sold off in little bits and pieces - the furniture, the videos, the books, the pans, the old-style TV sets, the plastic crates, the unmatching mugs, the sad faded tee shirts - with the partner who's been dumped slinking around, making a commentary on the very yard sale posters?  Or does the person holding the sale hope that the other person will see this, and come back?  Or could it be an advertising strategy, to make all of us stop and look at this particular end of the month sale? - there is, after all, something very calculated about that precise blue/yellow combination.  Or is neither notice "real" - is this some provocative Silver Lake pole art installation?  Or none of the above?  "Apropos," is, after all, strange.  Apropos what?  

I am so very glad that, after our somewhat futile garage sale two and a half years ago, and our far-more-successful give stuff away free kerbside shedding of household items eighteen months ago, this time around, we've barely got anything more than one large suitcase full of stuff ready to be deposited at Goodwill.

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