Monday, February 3, 2014


Having been in our new house very nearly a year - we've owned it for a year and two days - it's time to get serious about what it actually looks like, in part.  We were very good at moving in, emphatically, right away, and then somehow stopped - I certainly have (tucked away, in our copious storage spaces) shamefully unpacked boxes, and so on.  So some new bookcases will be on their way, soon, and maybe a new sofa, or two.  We like the idea of lightening the living room as much as possible, so it'll end up being a no-red-wine-at-parties zone, at this rate.  Which color?  The trouble is that the one I prefer - the one on the right - is decidedly pricier.  And then - which will hold up better to the ravages of kitty claws?  You see the problem, highlighted in all its glory by the morning sunlight ... And yes, obviously, this bears a tag, #firstworldproblems.  

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