Thursday, February 27, 2014

The problem that is Bitzi

It's not that we don't love Bitzi - though who knows whether she loves us or not? - but it's that she's being bullied, mercilessly bullied, by the other cats.  This has got much worse since The Kittens arrived nearly two years ago - and as they, in turn, have got bigger and bouncier.  Really, she needs A Home of Her Own (with no other cats).  At the moment, I've sequestered her in a bathroom, where at least I know that she's safe.  I've just spent half an hour sitting in the (empty) bath talking to her, and she's purred and purred - though I don't know if that's through fear or pleasure.  OK, I can guess.  So - does anyone out there have a quiet, currently cat less house, and want a charity case?  Make Bitzi happy?  It'll be hard work, but she's very decorative ...

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