Tuesday, February 4, 2014

La piragua

This mural defeats my ability to read Central American politics (and slurs).  La piragua - the canoe - well, I can read and understand that bit.  But what is it with the sow and all those piglets?  And the mermaid?  Yes, it's the El Salvador flag.  But the invocation of "salvatruchas - maybe "peasant guerrillas" (literally Salvadorean army ants), "chapines" - Guatemalans; "catrachos" - Hondurans; "chochos" - I am not translating *that,* in polite company - and "mejiquillos" - maybe Southerners - and then I give up - ah, this defeats me.  It's almost opposite the bodega from the other day, on South Rampart. One of the things that I love about Los Angeles is that I can have all the stimulus, some days, of being a long way from home.  Home being -?

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