Sunday, February 1, 2015


Here's a pair of the herons of Silver Lake - high up in the tall willow trees on the banks of the Silver Lake itself: the two reservoirs that give the place its name.  Actually, one of them is covered in tarpaulin and black rubber balls and is far from silver, right now, and the whole watery complex is due to be turned into - well, its future is still not quite certain, but we're all hoping that it'll become part of a local sustainable water project when the DWP finishes bypassing it as a source sometime in 2017, and, judging by the new signage, it looks like that the renovation project will include wetlands for waterfowl.  Meanwhile, it's always wonderful, at this time of the year, to see the herons nesting.  We walked round it this afternoon - it's a shocking long time since I was last here.

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