Tuesday, February 24, 2015

USC EdMonth

It's hard to pass by large placards with writing on them without stopping to see what they say ... and here, propped up in the courtyard outside my office, is an announcement for USC EdMonth.  I don't know if this is a new concept entirely, or whether this March sees a recurrence of something already established - all I can say is that it sounds as though it's a terrific exercise in discussion and consciousness raising and action.

USC EdMonth is a month-long program devoted to raising awareness about the state of education in our country. This student-led campaign aims to encourage exploration of education as a critical issue and empower students to take action.
reads their website, and there's a great program of events - I'm much looking forward to being aware of its presence on campus ...  Goodness knows, the state of education needs addressing ... (though that's far from true of the scholarship candidates whom we interviewed this morning - potential Trojans whom one couldn't work out how they'd managed to become so energetic, thoughtful, sophisticated and enterprising in only 17 years ...

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