Saturday, June 11, 2016

new street art in santa fe

Two very constrasting pieces, within fifty feet or so of each other ... the top one is on the side of Warehouse 21, where the terrific wheatpaste portraits of Santa Fe teenagers were until recently - these were by Anne Staveley, and I think that she had a hand in this new work, too, but I scooted past the notice too quickly to register with whom (too anxious to get to the tamales from Nambe in the Farmers' Market before they were sold out ... but I was frustrated, since - the woman behind the stall told me - her grandmother just wasn't getting round to making them at the moment since she's been too busy in her garden.  Alas, because these are the best tamales possible, and well worthwhile getting up at the crack of dawn for).

And then, on the way back from the market (you may remember the little devils from last year) - Cash for Your Warhol.  I so love this!  It's the installation brainchild of Geoff Hargadon - here's a great piece about the project in, no less, the Warholian (as his site shows, under "Press," plenty of other features about the project, too).  But, even though it's been going 5 years or so, this is the first time that I've encountered one of the actual signs, made, of course, by the same people who make the Cash for Houses signs, etc, and playing on post-recession panic.  Santa Fe is a pretty good place to make people uncertain about what's true and false, when it comes to flogging a surplus Warhol that one might have hanging around the place.

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