Tuesday, June 14, 2016

not the Dodgers (and fennel)

Tonight, a baseball game!  The Santa Fe Fuegos vs. the Roswell Invaders (what else would they be called?) - in the Southern Division of the Pecos League.  This is a "Professional League," though I'm not sure what the definition of "professional" is - the weekly salary averages $50 a player, which isn't a whole lot... Tonight's game was sponsored by the O'Keeffe Museum, and was a museum employee Event - and it made even a slow, slow game of cricket in the Parks look dynamic.  I didn't do my customary homework beforehand (too busy preparing and giving a lunchtime talk), or I'd have known beforehand that the Fuegos are dismally at the bottom of the league.  Tonight they lost 10-4 - we could have prophesised that, so escaped at the end of the 4th to Harry's - which seems to be growing a fennel forest.  This was so beautiful that I think I'm going to plant fennel seeds all over the garden ...

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