Thursday, June 9, 2016

the after-effects of acupuncture

Today was the day that Alice took both Walter Gomez and LucyFur to the local vet who practices acupuncture (not together.  Their sustained feuding underlay the need for some - any - remedy to be found. We single-handed, or multi-pawed, keep Feliway in business).  This is Walter's response, on coming home (the little Buddha in the background seems kind of appropriate).  He was told that he had Hot Energy - I guess he's cooling down.  I doubt - the vet doubts - that this will produce sudden harmony in the peaceable kingdom.  She thinks that Lucy may be suffering from PTSD - brought on by the advent of Kittens four years ago.  But what was very good (and I wished that I could have been there myself) was the vet spending an entire hour with each of them, focusing on their bodies.  She located considerable tension in Walter's cervical nerves - that would be like a pinched nerve; found that he had tension, too, in his lower spine.  What one does with this information I don't quite know - massage?  Lucy seems very relaxed this evening ... but we're certainly not attempting any reintegration.  It's a strange feline household.  Moth continues to bounce around.

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