Thursday, June 11, 2009

no direction home

So what has happened to the road sign pole at the end of our road?   When we turned up on Tuesday, I'd taken this as yet another signal of the recession: someone had stolen it, I figured, as a support for a garden fence, or to tether one end of a washing line to, or as part of a trellis system.   But no, in fact, the pole, dented badly, is lying in the ditch a little further up the road, and I can only imagine that some vehicle must have slammed into it at speed.   It would be good if the Eldorado Community Association manages to give the Cuesta/Monte Alto junction back its identity (for direction is an uncertain business around here - Mapquest puts our house in the wrong place).

But waiting for this to happen will turn into one of the pleasures of the evening walk - together with seeing what's new on the Monte Alto house with the huge metal buffalo outside - and, I was going to write, the wagon - but is the wagon still there?   I think it may be missing.   It's dark, and I can't check.   But they have a wonderful new bit of western kitsch - a rocking chair made entirely, so far as I can see, of horseshoes.   In case anyone is wondering, the pink flamingoes just up the road are looking a little dessicated and pallid.   A little further, what had looked a couple of months back as though it was going to be a Victory Garden seems just to be sprouting a few potatoes.

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