Monday, June 1, 2009


Explain, please...   Why should this young man - who doesn't really look like a disruptive street theater artist - have been sitting in the window of the New Brunswick Starbucks, typing on a computer that has, firmly attached to its lid, a label saying "Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks."   Of course, it's stuck on so that it's designed to be read by whoever's in front of the open computer, but how does the self-conscious irony - assuming it to be present at all - work?  Best of all is the expression in the guy's eye, which seems to have just shifted away from his screen to take in the crazy woman who's rushed up to the window to take a picture of him (and then rushed away again, not giving him the chance to explain, or for that matter to offer me a mocha frappuccino).    There again, the melancholy set of the rest of his face doesn't provide any grounds for hypothesis (over and beyond the probability that his dissertation has got very, very stuck today).

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