Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a spiral destroyed

There.   I knew it.   At least this offender was offering up some extra amusements for the cats - though all of them (the rabbit outside, the cats, I'm glad to say, indoors) froze when two adult coyotes and a young adolescent pup trotted past.   Cub?   What do coyotes have?

This is a deceptive picture - I was trying to see how a daylight - at least sunny early evening - image could be made to look as though I'd caught the little bunny by flash, turned her into a night-time thief - without actually using flash at all.   That is, I wanted to induce an air of crime and menace - trying to jump-start myself into thinking about the next section of Flash! that I plan to work on, even as I carry on thinking about lightning (I've been reading Gretel Ehrlich's A Match to the Heart, her account of being struck by lightning, and her subsequent investigations and meditations around the phenomenon itself) and also the blinding and brilliant (if not flashy) light of the sun.

And - hence the second rabbit - I was also trying to create an image that would translate well into a mock Polaroid, having just discovered this crazy application that allows one to mimic this form... it even makes the proper Polaroid whirrr.    I am still very much hoping that a firm will, indeed, take over the old Polaroid plant and start making film again.   My carefully hoarded packet of 4 x 5 film won't last for ever...

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