Saturday, June 13, 2009

poles apart

A 7.10 a.m. posting?   But I am off to the Lightning Field, and so will be off the (telecommunications) grid until tomorrow afternoon.   I'll be in the company of a different kind of grid - 400 stainless steel poles in a large flattish area - not to mention that of four people I don't know, and one whom I've only briefly met...   But still - I'm very excited by this...

So here is my very own pole, or rather the bluebirds' pole.   I'd hoped to get a shot of them diving in with their twigs, but the grey clouds came up and spoiled the light, and in any case I'm running later than I would choose.   Nonetheless, since photography isn't allowed at the LF (de Maria's copyright protection - but more on this tomorrow) it may be the only pole that I take a photograph of all day.

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