Thursday, June 18, 2009

the scenic beauties of New Mexico

This is the new view from our front door.   I'm being disingenuous here - it's the view as seen through a telephoto lens, or as it would be if one walked up the drive way and then over a chunk of our neighbor's land.   But still, it's unmistakably what, in England, would be called a Portapotty, albeit painted a fetching New Mexican turquoise.

In justice to our neighbor, I should say that he's copiously apologized for this (and, though it may not have been connected, cut and presented me with a very handsome deep red rose).   But its presence harks back to an earlier theme this year: the quiet signs of the recession.   For a good builder would not necessarily normally be available to add portales - a NM style porch - front and back at this season.   And Paul, who is doing this work, is normally a house builder.   But there aren't any to build around here, right now.   So I'm hoping to talk to him about our own naked back wall, very shortly.

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