Sunday, June 21, 2009

waking up

Part of my visual/verbal discipline for the year has been to take a daily photograph of the view from the window where I wake up.   I think I've missed this one only three times so far - once because I had a medical procedure and had other things on my mind; twice because I'm forgetful.   My favorite pictures so far have tended to come from overnight flights...  But this view is almost never the actual first thing that I see when I wake.   That vision is more like this... so I went to bed with a camera by my side, ready.

Yes, Emmett is menacing.   Why not shut him out?   Quite apart from the fact that this wouldn't be fair to the other three (who restrict themselves to bouncing on and off the bed, chattering at birds), I adore his menacing little face, and he's 14, and has some kidney problems, and he won't always be there to deliver a wake-up call (indeed, quite probably it is, in part, driven by the demand that we go to the kitchen and feed him some expensive low-protein cat food).   But I also wanted to take a photograph that came as close as possible to conveying that which it's so hard to record: touch.   One can capture appearance, and sound, and to some extent - replicate, if not record - smell.   But touch?   Note that blurry, out of focus paw in the foreground (even given the camera's macro function).   One can't quite see any of Emmett's remaining teeth here, but believe me, they are there, ready to nip one's chin, nose, ear - even, yesterday, and somewhat insultingly, what he found were tempting rolls of fat at the back of my neck.   

I have no idea why my posts don't seem to be getting forwarded to Facebook: this is doubtless reducing their audience to - hmmmm - a quiveringly low number.  So perhaps I can get away with another (non-cute) kitty image, today.


  1. Kate dear -- Re. your FB problem: Rather than forwarding to notes, why not just put in links to your posts through the "share" thing on the front page (which is what I've been doing lately with my posts)? That way, people follow the links right to the blog and see your stuff on the pretty black background that you prefer. We don't like the notes option ourselves, because it is so cluttered with extra, ugly junk, like diet ads.

  2. much gratitude from human and felines! Emmetito, King of Soul, is ecstatic that he may be reaching an even wider audience than he can usually manage... and he doesn't think much of the diet ads, either.