Sunday, May 31, 2009

back in ewr

we left LA in the grey light of dawn, and were back in NJ in something far more hot and sultry than the west coast.    The most noticeable aspect of EWR station platform is that it smells.   Badly.   Given how many international travelers arrive here, and stand around waiting for a train to New York, this is a bad thing.   It's a very depressing return for those of us who live here, too.   It's not easy to photograph a smell - even the ditch outside the waste yard, which always looks like somewhere that one might spot the odd corpse or two, or the strangely buoyant balloon like objects waving at the edge of the unit, to ward off low flying seagulls, or airplanes, hardly manage to convey the pungent nastiness of it.   The only thing to do is to take refuge in a waiting room, a strangely contrastive region of angular, sterile, characterless, but nonetheless calming design.

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