Friday, May 1, 2009

staircase to nowhere

... a late night post, since I'm just arrived in Los Angeles...    This is a very disconcerting staircase: en route to the Robert Wood Johnson hospital in New Brunswick, it's all that I can do to stop myself calling it Stairway to Heaven...   In fact it's going up to the NJT/Amtrak track (down which trains were hurtling at that time - by the time I was heading up to EWR, a PSE&G electric cable had come down on the track by Metuchen, causing much anxious delay...) - but down to where?  Was it demolished because RWJ was extending its carparking facilities?   Did people take out the bottom step because people were heading up them and vandalizing the track, or throwing themselves under trains when they had bad diagnoses?   What was its function in the first place, because I don't think that the configuration of platforms has changed since the station was built?

The staircase calls out for some kind of metaphoric labeling, but I'm also very happy to let it just exist as a non-sequitur.

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