Thursday, May 21, 2009

fire and ice 1

It has been a challenge to select which pictures to post from (internet-free) Yellowstone - the cute buffalo calves?   The not-quite-so-cute buffalo scratching himself on my car?  The bears? (one black, one grizzly)?   The [other, o.k....] tourists photographing Old Faithful?   But here are two days worth of natural phenomena, of fire and ice.   First, a sulphuric geyser pool - if one just stands there and takes photographs just a few moments apart, one sees how the steam and the water ripples and the colors are in constant flux ("what have you got there?" one fellow visitor asked of me, as I stood by this particular bubbling hole, rather suspicious, as though I might have spotted a moose that he hadn't).

And then, the more obviously spectacular.   This is from above the Lower Yellowstone Gorge Falls, which are in full spring tilt on the right of this image.   And the masses of impacted snow and ice look as though they are breaking right off into it.   Given glacial speed (and these are, really, tiny - in the sense of a few hundred feet long - glaciers), this might not happen in a day, though, or in a week - but the sense of immanence is there in the cracks.   

So hard not to take the standard tourist images...

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