Tuesday, May 19, 2009

breakfast with buffalo bill

Who knows whether I will have internet access this evening (or tomorrow)?   So here's an early post - and in any case, what could beat breakfast in the saloon at the Irma Hotel, Cody, which William Cody built for his daughter.   That's BB's cherrywood bar in the background, with a carved buffalo head in the middle (there are plenty of other taxidemermed buffalo, and goat, and long-horned sheep heads around the place, staring at one).   The clientele is very local as well as touristy - hard to tell if the guy in the hat is a tourist or a rancher or a Buffalo Bill Center interpreter... No one seems, luckily, to mind one wandering around with a camera - which means I could take, too, a picture of the double poster of Notable Visitors to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, London, 1887.   To have research-material-that-one-should-have-already-seen along with Irma's Skillet for breakfast is too much.

The talk at the bar was all of how hot it was outside last night - one guy, having only his biking clothes, apparently stripped down to his Spiderman underpants ...  what would BB have said?

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  1. Tin ceiling, antler candelabra, mirrored cherrywood bar -- how fantastic! Wish I were there. . . .