Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I would not be tempted to buy an apartment in the block that's being erected next to my office in the first place... but the amount of water that's being pumped out of its foundations today really makes me wonder about its drainage...  When I went off to a faculty meeting at 9.50 this pipe was pouring forth water; when I returned at 2.40, it was doing the same.   Yes, that's a long time... a presentation on copyright issues was battened onto the meeting itself.   And this was a depressing presentation in many ways, since so very much of what I present in class, and then post to Sakai (however temporarily) - let alone use to illustrate syllabi - comes under some rather grey areas of fair use.    I think one consequence of listening to the presentation will be, at least, that powerpoint presentations don't sit on my old Sakai sites for ever... (you have been warned...).   Oh, and I could probably sue anyone who carries away this thrilling, compelling evidence of how much rain has fallen in New Jersey this week and distributes it to the world ... (though if you want to use it in a university multi-disciplinary course on water - c.f. much recent wry debate following Mark Taylor's recent New York Times piece, feel free to do so... for an excellent set of links to the debate - and to the piece itself - go here).

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