Saturday, May 9, 2009

yes we have no bananas

Selfridges' windows are aggressively yellow.   The store has just - on 15th March - celebrated its 100th birthday, and windows are themed to match their famous yellow bags.   So there are bananas, to be sure, and yellow plastic ducks, and perversely white tennis balls with yellow rackets.   There are large yellow plastic rats nosing among he cheese and wine; there are Duralit toasters and old radio sets and noise-canceling headphones  - my favorite of all - old Smith Remington typewriters similarly thickly painted in this color (I'll try and post some more pictures soon).   This images shows, of course, the reflection of the offices or apartments opposite, and the fact that it was daylight meant that the reflections were far less subtle and suggestive than they were when I took photographs during London Fashion Week.   But this image works, I think, because the presence of the very solid ladder on the left makes it look as though the woman is engaged in a rather slow and precarious robbery - or, alternatively, that she's sliding slowly down into the hold of a banana boat.   I wish I could say that I could remember banana boats - apart from the song that goes with them - but I don't: I do, nonetheless, remember seeing oranges - great nets of them - being unloaded in, I think, the Prince Albert Dock in 1961.

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