Monday, May 11, 2009


I am suffering from serious techno-frustration this evening.   I've been trying for a long while to print something out - on a Canon Pixma Pro9000 printer (just to diss it - don't ever buy one) that has been sulky, problematic, and sometimes (like tonight) non-functioning since I bought it - it keeps telling me it wants more ink, but the cartridges are full - they just register as empty.   And go on-line, and you'll find others have had the same problem, and not one person has posted a solution.   And my reliable printer, a big Epson, is in Santa Fe.

But more than that - it's struck me that when I go on the road on Wednesday (will I ever get off and on the road? that's another question) I may not have wi-fi in the wilds of, say, the South Dakota badlands.   But I may have cell phone coverage - so I've been trying to see if I can post to my blog via my iPhone.   Yes, would seem to be the answer - but I can't upload pictures.   It tells me that I have too many pop-up windows open.   This is also frustrating - not least because I have downloaded various photo apps - ones that, say, mimic a Holga, or a Polaroid, or do various other editing tricks - and wanted to play with these, too - as in this trial image of the plastic trail horses sitting on my desk (given the way my preparations are going, I'll probably manage to forget them there).    So much for that pic-of-the day solution.

I am totally unsure how to resolve this printing issue, which is probably a loose connection - the pesky thing worked fine a few weeks ago (to my enormous surprise) but has obviously turned sour again.

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