Sunday, December 13, 2009

candlelight dinner

... another rather formulaic piece - as in - oh no! it's been a rain-filled day! I've barely been outside, and the light has been dark grey and damp, and it's heading into the evening! Whilst the discipline of keeping this blog has been a wonderful way of focusing my visual attention during a day, and my writerly attention at the end of it, I'm not sure what I feel about the potential abandonment of those days - like today - when I've had no compelling drive whatsoever to take a picture. And yet such days, as I've also remarked before, are often precisely those that force me to look around me, and to wonder what would make a picture - which cycles me straight back to the everyday: the cocktail glass, using up a lot of citrus fruit in the drawers at the bottom of the fridge, plus vodka; one three-quarters burned candle; and one lily, culled from a vase in our bedroom, and brought downstairs to beautify the table. Much like the principles behind Dutch still life, once again.

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