Saturday, December 5, 2009

Go RU...

I think, in fact, I might have done better photographing my lunch, eaten in the glitzy surroundings of Rutgers' Stadium's hospitality suite... the southern-style biscuit with egg and cheese went very nicely with the salmon, thank you. And the cannoli for dessert were pure, pure New Jersey. And we nearly won. And if it hadn't been so very freezing cold, and the rain hadn't turned to snow, and started to come down sideways in a determined fashion, I had a pass that would have allowed me onto the field, and this time I had my telephoto lens with me, and I'd been looking forward to - oh, I don't know, getting a triumphant shot of the winning touchdown. This was not to be - and even my perfectly decent shots of the touchdowns that we did get - well, one shot of action football play looks much like another, unless it gains historic significance through being, say, The Famous Victory over Louisville in 2006 (and yes, I was there, and probably it'll be the only occasion of my life in which I get to hug my university's president).

So... the P of the D is the real P of the D, and the spirit of the weather - the mud trudging back to the buses, with snow starting to come down in thick wet clumps, and slick viscous mud threatening to make walking impossible (it looked just about as hard to stay upright on the field). But in cheery, Polyanna-ish support of next season (I'm the kind of person who still believes that we can win until there's about 09 seconds left on the clock), here's a cheery picture of the marching band in a sea of red - above the increasingly disconsolate dance troupe, here clearly not quite entering into every last bit of the spirit of "I Will Survive." I'm sparing you the shots of the damp horse bearing the Scarlet Knight himself, who looked as though - like most of the rest of us - he couldn't wait to get back to a warm stable.

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