Friday, December 11, 2009

party time

It's the last day of the semester! It's rime for the staff Holiday Party! and here's testimony to the power of some decorations from the Dollar Store, and a shaft of sunlight coming into the Plangere, just before we get started on the Secret Santa ritual - something that I now goes on in workplaces up and down the country, but that I'd never heard of before my first invitation to the staff party a couple of years back. Sometimes it is relatively easy to guess who drew whom in the lottery and crafted and packaged their choice from the little gift wish list they had submitted - especially when there are little extras thrown in (a mint patty from Angela's office was a sure give-away). And if I'd been the recipient of an extra in the form of a balloon festival calendar, I'd suspect Keith Sproul, our new computing expert, in a nano second. But Keith himself was deeply mystified when he reached into his bag and drew out ... a wooden door stop. When we'd all stopped laughing, it turned out that it had fallen in there by mistake...

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