Saturday, December 26, 2009

a green cow in a green shade

This strange bovine seems a long way away in time and distance - but I last saw her this morning, from my bedroom window in my parents' house - she's one of the many participants in the Cow Parades that have graced various cities over recent years - starting with Zurich, in 1998, where the display had the generic title "Land in Sicht," or - roughly - countryside in view. Which this mimics, even though misty down-the-hill south London lies just out of Sicht.

Since it's now ten to six, London time, and anti-terrorist measures and foul weather combined mean that I've only just got back to New Jersey, swaying slightly from travel motion (though at least I wasn't one of a sizable number on the plane to throw up, when we had to abort our first landing and make a very speedy ascent - yuk...) - so that's it, for today...

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