Wednesday, December 2, 2009

lunch # 3

Clearly, lunch comes in round bowls, this week. I can't claim any forward planning here - after three meetings this morning - bang, bang, bang - 8 a.m., 10.15 a.m., 11.30 a.m. - I could do with a walk as far as Au Bon Pain, and this is what I brought back - some kind of chicken and brown rice and salad. I'll buy anything with the word "chipotle" in it. One of the meetings had to do with discussing Facilities at Rutgers - a topic that covers a multitude of things, from buses to bathrooms, halls of residence to the size of classrooms, faulty electrical wiring to non-swivelling chairs in lecture halls - and there was definite pique expressed (from those of us who are normally on other parts of the campus) about the fact that one can get sushi on Busch. Little time left over to speculate about the everyday and the ordinary, other than to note that an awful lot of what come through a Chair's office door involves people turning the ordinary into categories clamoring to be labeled bizarre, surreal, and you-wouldn't-believe-it. Some days (and I'm riffing off Dr Crazy's blog musings here), I do deeply regret not being anonymous.


  1. There's sushi at the Szechwan Express in the Rutgers Student Center, too. The vegetable rolls are pretty good, especially if you're accustomed to Brower sushi... I mean, who putts peppers in a vegetable roll? And no avocado? Totally unacceptable...

  2. I am heading off to the Student Center, right this minute...