Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas mantelpiece 20 Hillside. I always think that I developed, very early on, my notions of what constituted supposed Good Taste in art from the cards that found their way into the middle of the mantelpiece, though this year I'm not so sure about that Christmas tree thingy center-right. I note that our own picture of the V&A hanging sculpture has found its way on. The mantelpiece itself looks startlingly antique - like a Grinling Gibbons piece - but I promise you it came brand new from somewhere or the other back in 1961. There are a couple of family china mugs from the C19th, and then a very fine stoat, or ermine, just poking his china head above one of the cards.

Putting out the cards in the living room is a sure sign that Christmas has arrived. It's been a flat out day, without any chance to pause from cooking, relatives, packing presents, etc etc - except when we fled for three quarters of an hour on the pretense of some last minute shopping. So I have little by way of reflection to offer - other than offering any of you out there a very, very Happy Christmas.

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