Sunday, March 28, 2010


made of tangled, looped, woven silver wire - and when they are magnified to this size by the lens, one can see quite how careful and intricate they are, and not just wire scrunched up together and rolled into a ball. They are also, quite obviously, detached from ears: I wanted to give them a sense of independent existence. Whilst they are still manifestly pieces of jewelry, I was intending them to approach abstraction in themselves (having just read Matthew Witkovsky's piece on photography and abstraction in the current Artforum), and then pushing them digitally to the point where they are blurred objects, hanging in space, at once weighty and weightless. On the other hand, there's not a whole lot of creativity in fairly speedy photo-manipulation, even if one likes the outcome, and even if it demonstrates the tenuous photographic connection, in the end, between object and image: having made that point, one wants to go back to talking about the quality of the earrings themselves as though there's no image-making involved: Christmas present from A, and like so many small fragile losable things, a constant object - or couple of objects - onto which to project my fears of loss.

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