Wednesday, March 3, 2010

pictures of lily

Lily, oh Lily. A quotation that will mean nothing to anyone who doesn't know The Who's 1967 song... about a boy who can't sleep at night, and is given pictures of Lily - presumably some kind of soft porn - by his father to help him find a way to relax. Oh, we were so thrilled with ourselves at school, figuring out that this is what the lyrics really had to mean, and then getting the sense of listening to something truly illicit. Or so we thought. Roger Daltry apparently said that the horn in it was meant to sound like a WWI siren, and that Lily was a pin up from that time - hard to tell from the pictures that I think must have been on the single's sleeve - which I don't think I possess, though somewhere, warped and damp-damged and generally sad and ancient, I may still have a bad reel-to-reel tape of it, stolen from the radio.

I think I may have had enough of my Liliad now, but five days of floral documentation has certainly documented its rapid springing into energetic bloom.

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