Monday, March 29, 2010

publication day

So we took Hot Stuff out to dinner, to celebrate her publication day. Or rather, I took Alice out, to celebrate the book's formal emergence into the world, and we sat and gazed in loving awe at the book occupying center stage on the table all the way through dinner. Even if badly lit, this manages to capture Alice's happiness in the volume - the more formally staged photo that I took looks suspiciously as though she might be about to eat it, since she has a fierce and hungry expression, and the book is dangerously lodged between some sharp looking forks and knives. I'm sure we should have taken the book dancing, and cavorted under a glitter ball, but one has to settle for what one can find in a rainy night in New Brunswick.

For further celebration, see this coming weekend's NYT book review!!!


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  2. wonderful, congratulations to Alice!