Wednesday, March 24, 2010

signs of spring

There are, indeed, faint signs of spring outside Murray Hall. It would have helped our graduate Open House if it had looked like this yesterday (I spent some time trying to persuade an admit from a state considerably to the west of here that NJ had its charms; that the Shore was 47 minutes from the back parking lot; that there were walks by the river; that Voorhees Mall was about to erupt in an excess of blossom, but she gazed downwards, apparently unconvinced, at the mid-March mud). Yet even if it is muddy, very soon it will be covered in the annual spectacle of little blue fertilizer-and-seed pellets, prior to sprouting a thick green lawn just in time for commencement. I'm trying to find some kind of upbeat allegory for the new sabout the university's budget measures in all of this, but that may prove to be a Pollyanna move-too-far.

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