Monday, March 1, 2010

lily 3

Getting there. But taking a Daily Lily seems to be peculiarly unproductive for writing, even if it's a slowly unfurling piece of documentary. Or maybe that's because I've had little time today to read anything other than spreadsheets, which don't so much unfurl as spin out of control, like boomerang tumbleweeds. What I have discovered, though, is that this may not be the Amaryllis that I thought it to be (and that it was labeled): rather, I think it's a Hippeastrum - a relative - that is, the Knight's Star, so called by the Rev. William Herbert, Dean of Manchester, in 1837. The Rev. Herbert was not just a clergyman, and a botanist, but an expert in early Icelandic literature, publishing a collection of Icelandic poetry in 1804-6. So! I feel like flourishing a banner - I have, in the end, learned something new today. I have a great fondness for accumulating apparently useless facts.

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