Friday, October 1, 2010

another dilemma

I am deeply, deeply getting to dislike the verb "to declutter."   What to do with this vase?   On the surface, it's a poor candidate for retention: it's been so badly looked after over the years that its dust-encrusted surface flakes off if one so much as touches it.   I completely blame myself here - I first, when I didn't know any better, kept it on a window ledge in the sun, and that baked and crackled the glaze.

But ... but I like the color and patterning so much (so far as there still is color - ironically, it photographs better than it looks).   And above all ... I bought this for - was it four, or five pounds? - with my first real academic pay check, in 1980, from a junk shop (and I mean junk shop - I wouldn't dignify it with the name of Antique Shop) in Bristol.   Oh, I suppose that owning up to such sentiment means that it's not heading off to Goodwill ... but I need to find what I can possibly coat it with - can I coat it? some kind of fine varnish? to stop it flaking and peeling any more ...

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