Tuesday, October 5, 2010

(fine) diner

I've never exactly got into the culture of the New Jersey diner, but I might have to make an exception in favor of the Skylark Diner, up on Route 1 in Edison (which also doubles as a bar and restaurant in the evening - we may have to try that, too).   But we were there for breakfast - a very tasty take on huevos rancheros, for my part - which was (mercifully) not nearly as substantial as its NM counterpart, or I mightn't have moved again for the rest of the day.   My breakfasting companions had an excellent looking mediterranean frittata, and "a little bit of everything," which indeed involved eggs and pancakes and a sausage and bacon - I think everything would be recommended.   Next time I'll try and remember to take my camera with me to the Ladies Restroom - diner architecture looks spectacularly good reflected in the curving aluminum surface of a hand drier ... The whole place may be aiming at a vintage look, but in fact it was designed by Morris Nathanson, and has been open only since 2006 ... it's bright, and fluorescent, and very much like Route 66 comes to New Jersey.

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