Monday, October 4, 2010


And after the de-cluttering - mostly accomplished, apart from some of the farther reaches of the basement - comes the Staging.   Most prominently, this involves the strategic placement of pots of chrysanthemums - a flower that I always regard as depressingly funereal, even when pink - on the front steps, in the back yard.   Plus flowers on tables.   Plus - oh, well, we're never going to get Emmett to clean up his grey derelict lumpy fur appearance.   At least the other cats are likely to hide under beds.   Officially, the house is listed from tomorrow - but it's anybody's bet whether it will sell in a month, or sell in six months, or whether we'll be looking to rent it out at the end of the academic year (I pray not that) - or or or.   At least it seems to be the only house of its type currently on the market in Highland Park ...

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