Wednesday, October 13, 2010

copper bowl

Doubtless our realtor would class our latest acquisitions under the heading of Clutter, but we love the two small copper bowls that we've brought back from Minnesota - the right kind of size for paperclips, or spicy pumpkin seeds, or flash memory sticks (those were the days before I discovered DropBox, which I now use as my main means of file transfer - and very efficient it is, too).   These bowls were made by Patrick Shannon at the Forest Edge Art Gallery, in Vergas.   Our innkeeper told us about his big copper plates - but it was the end of the season, and there didn't seem to be any plain ones around.   What did impress, too, were his inventive sculptures in the sculpture garden outside - on lawns, nudging up against one of Otter Tail County's 1,058 lakes.   These included some big, big bowls that can be used as planters: he stages them on top of sturdy, but twig-shaped supports, and in downtown Vergas (if one can use that language of a tiny, tiny conurbation), there's a lovely recent memorial to the innkeeper's mother that's made out of these, with plants just starting to fade with the fall.   I'm not sure how heavy one would be to FedEx to California, but, one day, I might well investigate this.

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