Saturday, October 9, 2010

keeping warm in minnesota


Although the temperature was in the mid-70s today, one imagines that the cold here in NE Minnesota is responsible for people knitting little scarves for flagpoles and lamp-posts, and small hats for the knobs at the ends of street benches, in the tiny town of New York Mills - an old Finnish settlement.   Or maybe not - but the town does seem to have a thing about knitting.   There was a large knitted stars and stripes in the window of the Cultural center.

The perfect bed and breakfast not only delivers wonderful breakfast (local maple syrup on the French toast with local sausage), but delivers a cat - called Steinway - and a little bowl of cat food, too.

And the scenery is quite stunning.   This is Otter Tail Lake - so beautiful that I inverted the picture, so that one gets it twice over ...

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  1. I mean, NW Minnesota. Confused ...