Friday, October 22, 2010

war and memorials

So ... I come out of my Nashville hotel into the warm fall sun, and go for a walk through the golden fallen leaves, first to the war memorial for 1917-18 - a woman holding a dying man in her lap - and then up to the Parthenon (the placards telling one about it, and its dates, showing that I - or rather some spurious internet site - was wrong with its date yesterday: it was later than I thought, being constructed in  1897).

And on its steps was a family group, taking photographs of this young member of the USAF by the side of a flag that they'd brought along.   And she was bubbly, and very very happy, and then made a little speech: "I want to thank everyone for coming ... I'm really excited...I'm really excited about my move to the base ... I'm really excited."   It was heartbreaking.

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