Friday, January 21, 2011


I found it very hard to sleep last night - worrying about the snow, watching the snow, convinced that my plane to Raleigh-Durham would be cancelled, checking the Flight Status at periodic intervals - but it wasn't, and I was most impressed by the battery of de-icing trucks ranged against the NY skyline at Newark airport (I was also impressed, for that matter, by the fact that I was able to buy a copy of North and South at the airport bookstall ...).


  1. North and South at the airport bookstall? That is impressive indeed! What a delightful novel, too. I think it was my favorite novel in Isobel's "Things, Art, Artifacts" class--besides Jane Eyre, of course!

  2. ... and the Penguin ed., too ... I hadn't read it in a while - so good to re-read books, because they completely change in the intervening period ... this time I'm intrigued by different figurations of the idea of power ... which isn't what I thought that I was reading it for, at all ...