Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pony express

Ideally, I'd be on a plane at this moment, heading for Dallas/Fort Worth, en route for London.   I should, indeed, be on another plane heading in that direction later - that is, a 2nd rebooking, having once been re-routed via Chicago, and then having that reassessed because of weather up in Illinois.   Etc.   The (admittedly very helpful) personnel at the AA check-in desk say that if this plan doesn't work, I can always fly back to Albuquerque, and try again tomorrow.   I am too weary with snow-rearranged flights this season to contemplate the possibility ... or, for that matter, to cast around me for some suitable airport scene to sum up working here for a couple of hours (though it is, indeed, my favorite airport for work, given that there's free wi-fi and computer stations - just the company of loud guys on their cell phones buying and selling cheap shirts - "$26 - that's just too dear" - or plotting politics - "the last election - there were 267 of them - yes, each precinct - no, we can't do that, I don't think it would be legal").   Here's a tin horse, to symbolize speed in transportation better than a stationary plane would do - bought this summer, at La Posada, it's a great piece of folk / outsider art from a local craftsperson.

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