Monday, January 17, 2011

Misery memoirs

Teaching a course on Memory last semester, I remarked, when we arrived at a session on Memoir, how prevalent the vogue for Misery Memoirs had been over the last ten or fifteen years - stories of overcoming drug abuse, sexual abuse, over-eating, under-eating, poverty, dysfunctional familes, etc - and how I wish I'd taken an illustrative slide of a section in Wimbledon's W. H. Smiths.   Now I've remedied that!   And how happy I am (after enduring *Eat Pray Love* on the plane over, albeit without sound) to see both of Elizabeth Gilbert's memoirs filed in this category, and Alan Clark's diaries - Clark, the maverick adulterous politically incorrect Tory MP of the 1980s ... I'm not quite sure how to read the juxtaposition of signage, but there must be a way ...

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