Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ham and egg

This unbelievably depressing object was served up on a BA flight from Heathrow today.   At least "lunch" made a plausible effort at imitating "new British cuisine," offering roasted chicken with rosemary jus (!) and celeriac mashed potatoes.   But this ham and egg salad sandwich (not forgetting the limp lettuce leaf), but with no mustard of mayo in sight, was a horrible relict of English cuisine from the 1960s or 70s - at least, I think that's the last time that I actually consumed a sandwich like this, made of processed ham sitting damply between two slices of Mother's Pride white, o so white, bread.   The final touch is given by that flourish on the wrapping - "Enjoy."   Luckily - though it's barely visible here - this came accompanied by a two-bar Kit Kat.   The scary thing about it is that it's an all-too-perfect example of Real British Cuisine.

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