Tuesday, January 4, 2011

tourist snapshot

Driving west from Santa Fe, our lunch stop is usually the lay by that overlooks Laguna Pueblo (and lunch, for that matter, usually a frittata made from whatever bits of potato and onion and vegetable and cheese are in the fridge).    Today, a large mobile home pulled in behind us (maybe from Indiana - there seemed to be a number of such vehicles with Indiana plates today), and the occupants went to take the obligatory shot of the pueblo.   And then - the man posed with a large black furry stuffed toy against the same backdrop.   Unfortunately - or maybe not, since the style seems to have worked quite well - my nearest camera was the iPhone (Hipstamatic set, I think, to the Holga camera setting and the "Float" film), and indeed, I just flourished it vaguely and hopefully in their direction, as though getting out of the car to check my email.   They were, of course, ideal subjects for Arbus, had she happened to be passing: I completely lacked the courage to extract the Nikon, engage them in conversation, and shoot away.

All of this is, of course, a million miles away - well, o.k., about 500 miles away, at this point - from the MLA.   

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