Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The Clothesline Project started back in 1990 - I hadn't known that it was so long-lasting - back on Cape Cod: an annual hanging out of t-shirts with messages protesting against violence against women.  It happened annually at Rutgers, too, but usually coincided with grey and damp weather, so that it also looked like a protest against violence against t-shirts.  Here, in true t-shirt land, the messages (very many of them having to do with issues of consent in student date-rape territory, or simply with the right to dress and present how one wants) seemed the more poignant because of the flagrant cheerfulness of the sunshine, and hence a real reminder not to be seduced by the unreality of our pretty campus: bad stuff happens here too (indeed, one only needs to look at the Crime Notes in the Daily Trojan to be aware of this ...

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