Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Emmett's ear

It's no good pretending that Emmett is going to be with us all that much longer: his kidneys have been giving out for several years, and he's kept going by a miracle kitty feline medicine called Calcitriol, and weekly hydration, and shots of epigen (which are illegal, I think, if you're doing something like bicycle racing, but which are great for building up iron).  The last few months, though - and the last few weeks, especially - he's got thinner and thinner, and more and more weak in the legs. But we're enjoying his presence - usually a gently sleeping presence on the sofa - while we still can.  And today I realized that I didn't know if I had an image of his distinctive ear (and didn't, even with several goes, get it quite right with the macro lens ... so hard to focus in the twilight).  It's a very distinctive ear: it looks as if something like a large rat took a bite out of it, but in fact it shows that when he was first captured as a little feral kitten, he was neutered, and the ear clipped so that were he ever out in the wilds of The Valley, or elsewhere, again, he wouldn't have to have any more surgery.  He is such a special cat, but it's not at all unfitting to his feisty personality that he has what looks like a serious fighter's ear.

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