Friday, April 6, 2012

two necessary stops

... though in fact, there were a couple more brief touch-downs: our house, to pick up a couple of things, and to remark on (a) how beautifully its temporary resident is looking after it (and since he's a contractor, to gaze with pleasure at the mending of the garage ceiling, and (b) how well the tumbleweed is growing so early in the season.  Hmmm.  And then Harry's, for a quick lunch, before the very necessary trip to the hairdresser (and how could one not appreciate a hairdresser whose salon looks like Edward's does - see above).  Whilst I was there, Alice was having her acupuncture; whilst she was there, I made stop 2: Ohori's (below), for four pounds of Sulawesi coffee beans.

And now we're back in LA.  Yes, I know that there are hairdressers in Los Angeles.  Yes, I know we can easily order Ohori's coffee by mail, and do.  And yes, I know that a 24-hour trip is a little crazy, even if a very sane use of air miles.  But it was enormous fun ...

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