Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It was a long time before I realized that in this country (and probably in a myriad of science fairs and other forms of convention world-wide), a poster display didn't mean lots of fun artistic display (although, obviously, it might include this) - rather, it signifies work-in-progress with a greater or lesser amount of visual appeal.  So outside VKC today was a Poster Display - nothing caught my eye until this easel (ok, probably not yet occupied, but I'd love to think that this was the actual display), asking "Is EMS Colorblind?"  Good question.  Even better when one doesn't know, quite, what EMS stands for.  At USC, surely, it's the Empire of Early Modern Studies.  But I suppose, more prosaically, it might be Emergency Medical Services.  Or maybe Event Management System, or Extra-mural Studies, or Educational Management System, or Earthen Manure Service.  OK, I got that last one from Wikipedia, when I was checking to see if I'd overlooked anything obvious.   Clearly, the question has to be posed in monochrome.

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